Friday, July 22, 2011

New things

We moved to a new condo. Our old place was too big since Jakeb moved out and the landlord wasn’t too responsive about fixing things and he went up on the rent 35% so we decided to leave. Our new place is great and I think we will really dig living there.

Now that we are in a new location all of my old running routes have passed away behold new running routes have come. I thought it would be great fun finding new routes but it hasn’t worked out very well so far. In the past I would have meticulously plotted new routes on but now I have just put on my Garmin and run. The new places I have run are really cool and I am going to like running here. But I have only one solid 5 mile route and 5 milers are a staple of my training.

Usually when I put on my garmin and run without a plan I run too short or too long. When I get to the condo and I have not run far enough I end up quitting because it would be a pain to tack on .65 miles out and back. And when I have gone too long it makes the morning schedule too tight.

It will all work itself out. I think I am going to have to go to gmaps and do the work I used to do.

I am signed up for the Singapore Marathon in December and I am signed up for the REAL run half marathon in October (because every other run must be fake).

Incubus’ new album is out. It is somewhat mellow for Incubus but I like it a lot. I ran with it for the first time this morning and got lost in the music while I was lost on my new route.

This post is for Karen. Without her challenging me I may not have posted until September. Sorry it took so long. We have been on an out of control existential carousel. Thanks Karen for the positive peer pressure! :)


K said...

Great job! Glad to hear things are smoothing out from the move. I know what you mean about having to tack on a few tenths at the end of a run. It just doesn't happen for me. Kind of crazy actually. If I set out to run 10 and come in at 10.22, I'm good. If I set out to run 10 and run 9.89, I'm mad. And I go inside and stew about it.'s not crazy. It's insane. are trying to post more, and I am trying to keep up more. Somehow while I am not spending time on the computer. Just reading what matters to me, (your blog is one of those things) and getting off and back to training!
Enjoy the Exploration! We can dub you "Diego"! from Go Diego Go!

Tommy said...

On Saturday I ran 8.05. Just right, but how hard is it to mess up an out and back? This morning did not work as well. I planned 5 and ran 4.35 ...

Thanks for reading.


K said...

You are welcome...