Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Singapore Marathon Training

The Singapore Marathon and I have a rocky relationship. I ran it in 2009 and it was and still is the slowest marathon I have run. Last year I signed up but didn’t even toe the starting line.

In my optimism or maybe it was my ignorance I signed up for it again this year. As soon as the email hit my inbox announcing registration was open for Singapore marathon veterans only I found myself pulling my credit card out.

With the couple of trips I’ve taken to Texas, marathon training has been hit or miss. I find myself about ten pounds heavier than I need to be and running too few miles to be able to run one of my better marathons. Now I am back at it but I am on a short schedule. I surely will not run a great time and may set a personal worst.

It may sound like I am complaining but I am not. This is a season of life where running a fast marathon hasn’t been and frankly isn’t now even near the top of my priorities. And I use the term “fast” in a most relative sense. I want to run the Singapore Marathon on December 2nd. I may even lose a couple of pounds on the journey to the starting line. But I am not even going to wear my watch in the race. I am going to run comfortably and get a medal and a finisher’s shirt. This year that has to be enough.