Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Agressive Monkeys and an Odd Soul

I downloaded Mutemath’s new album Odd Soul last night and was excited to run this morning and listen. I headed out to the treetop route I talked about in the last post. When I got to the forest walk where the elevated pathway begins there was a tape barricade across the handrails and a couple of signs posted there. The biggest one said “Aggressive monkeys sighted in the area” and “Forest Walk Closed from 17 September onwards” and “Construction in progress”. It was the last sign that scared me. I am okay with maniac monkeys but I wouldn’t want to fall from a hole in the elevated walkway. It would hurt pretty bad. So I turned around and ran a shortened route down Depot road.

The music was good though. If Mutemath is your kind of music you should download Odd Soul (or buy the CD if you’re old school). I think I am going to like it better than any of their other music – and I like the other music a lot. Stare at the Sun and Obsolete (from the self-titled album) are the best two consecutive songs to listen to on a long run.