Thursday, September 20, 2012

How can people not run?

I am sure that title is not grammatically correct. In fact it may sound arrogant to ask how people can live life without running. For me it is a coping mechanism. I know that others have other ways to cope with life – some healthy some unhealthy – but I cannot think of a way better than running.

I run when I am happy and the happiness seems to double.

I run when I am angry. I am not normally an angry person but when anger is there running dissipates whatever level of anger exists, from rage to irritation.

When I am being irrational running across the ground and allowing thoughts to run through my mind brings rationality.

On September 6th my mother died only about a month after being diagnosed with cancer. Andrea wrote about mom on our family blog here -> link. I think about mom when I run. It does not make me miss her any less. But it helps me to understand a little and remember the good things. It lessens the sting when I remember that I can’t call her today. Although the sting still exists.

How can people not run?