Monday, May 24, 2010

Thirty Four Miles to New Zealand

Jakeb and I ran twelve miles this weekend. Twelve miles sounded like nothing especially since we had run twenty miles the weekend before. Since it sounded like nothing to us we decided not to take GU or water and just run free and unencumbered by anything we would have to carry.

Jakeb did ask “We’re not taking water?”

I said, “Nah we can make it.”

Although the run seemed short we made it harder than it had to be by not at least taking water. It is HOT in Singapore. Have I said that before?

At the end Jakeb was saying “A cool glass of water has never sounded so good.”
Our training schedule says we have thirty four more miles to run in training before the marathon. Then next Wednesday evening we board a plane for New Zealand. We plan to do more than run a marathon. We will go into the mountains while we are there and see what we can see. Maybe even hang out with Frodo.

Our “long run” is eight miles this Saturday. There is a good chance I will leave the water at home again – some people never learn.