Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Over My Head

I slept horrible last night. Andrea has been in Texas since July 15th and it is not easy to sleep when she is not here. I think it is about time for her to come back. She will be home Wednesday night. Since I slept bad I figured this morning’s run would not be so good. I thought I would be tired. Boy was I wrong.

Last night I downloaded an all King’s X mix onto my shuffle and took off across the street to Vegetable. My legs felt light and strong and I ran fast. I am sure I probably set a 6th Avenue / Clementi 5 mile loop PR. But I wouldn’t know because I have never kept my time on that run – or many others for that matter. It was good to feel like I was flying.

Music, music, I hear music
Music over my head

King’s X – Over My Head

Friday, August 20, 2010

1000 miles

This morning I passed one thousand miles of running for 2010. It is just a number really starting on an arbitrary day that happens to be the first of the year and culminating on August 20th. There are people who have run many more miles than that since January 1 and there are even more who have not run a step. Even though it is just a number I have to admit I bragged about it to Jakeb and Andrea … twice.

A lot has happened over the last thousand miles. I had a foot injury around the February/ March time frame that I thought at the time would be with me forever. Today the injury is gone and I had forgotten about it until I looked back at my run log.

I have run parts of the thousand miles in Singapore, America, New Zealand and China.

I have listened to a lot of good new-found music and I have listened to some music that has been my favorite since I started running over seventeen years ago. I’ve ran without music lost in my own thoughts.

I’ve run some of the thousand miles with Jakeb and some alone and I have enjoyed both.

If I am able to run all of the miles planned in my Texas Marathon training schedule I will run a little less than seven hundred more before the end of the year.

I want the passage of miles to be a routine part of my life. Not something extraordinary but something that is part of who I am - a basic part of my humanity – to put on a pair of running shoes and just run.

The 1000th mile I ran this morning was nothing more than a spot in the road that I didn’t take notice of as I approached it and ran on without thought of it, just like the rest of the other 999 and hopefully like the thousands more to come.