Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cool run

I ran hard for four miles this morning. I am amazed that the weather is so cool. Is this Texas in May? I can’t gripe.

I am off tomorrow to hike in the Himalayas.

Blog silence for a while …

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rain changes everything

Jakeb and I stepped out of the door this morning at 7am for four miles. At the start of the run it was overcast and muggy. Then at the ½ mile mark the sky got dark and the wind started to blow hard. Dirt from the road and leaves from the trees blasted us.

Jakeb said, “I’ve never run in the rain. I hope it rains.”

As we turned into the HEB parking lot the roof of the sky opened up and huge raindrops started falling on us. Jakeb got his wish. At first it hurt. For a while it was cool and then it got hard to run in wet clothes and shoes.

Its funny how different the world looks when you see it in the soaking rain. The colors are weird. No one is out and it makes one feel isolated. We ran faster the harder it rained, as if there was some urgency to be anywhere but in the rain. Those who drive by in their warm, dry cars assume we’re crazy … I assume. Running in the rain makes me feel like a kid because no adult in his or her right mind would be out in the rain. It was a neat experience.

Sometimes conditions are not always perfect but life is good.