Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rain changes everything

Jakeb and I stepped out of the door this morning at 7am for four miles. At the start of the run it was overcast and muggy. Then at the ½ mile mark the sky got dark and the wind started to blow hard. Dirt from the road and leaves from the trees blasted us.

Jakeb said, “I’ve never run in the rain. I hope it rains.”

As we turned into the HEB parking lot the roof of the sky opened up and huge raindrops started falling on us. Jakeb got his wish. At first it hurt. For a while it was cool and then it got hard to run in wet clothes and shoes.

Its funny how different the world looks when you see it in the soaking rain. The colors are weird. No one is out and it makes one feel isolated. We ran faster the harder it rained, as if there was some urgency to be anywhere but in the rain. Those who drive by in their warm, dry cars assume we’re crazy … I assume. Running in the rain makes me feel like a kid because no adult in his or her right mind would be out in the rain. It was a neat experience.

Sometimes conditions are not always perfect but life is good.


atownrunner said...

I love running in the rain. It's okay if people think you're a little crazy. You are a runner.

Jakeb said...

That was awesome! Get me up on the next morning that it rains and i'll run five with you! It's kind of easier running in the rain cause it takes your mind off the hurt and pain. I wish running was like that. I would run all the time. Everyone would and their would be ablolutely no fat people in this world any more. Absolutely no offense to those who are on the fat side. I really mean that!

astunz said...

Oh, Jakeb. I know you cause you're my kid and I know you really didn't mean that comment to be bad but... you should be very careful. We've certainly taught you never to use the "f" word!!

Your own mother is not skinny!! The metabolism slows, you'll see.

Running doesn't make you skinny either. It's a balance of eating less than you burn so you could still be overweight (which is a very relative term anyway) and run like crazy.

All "f" people out there and we know who we are... please forgive my naive young son. For his sake, I hope it never happens, but perhaps, he'll see our struggle one day. :)

Jakeb said...

NEVER will I be fat..."f" I will never see what it feels like to be "f"!!!

Jakeb said...

and your not fat!!! Your too hard on yourself just like everyone else is who says they'er fat. I just don't understand.