Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Winter" Marathon

I had an internal conversation with myself after I ran the Singapore Marathon a year and a half ago and decide amongst myself that it was too hot and humid to run a marathon in Singapore even though it starts in the dark of the night. Settled.

So last year I signed-up and ran the Singapore Half Marathon and was completely happy with my decision. It was a good warm-up race for the Texas Marathon.

But then I started thinking and looking around for a winter marathon that I could run this year. The end of the year is going to be busy again. Tori will graduate college in December. I am low on vacation since we have traveled so much – which is a good thing. So traveling somewhere for a marathon is pretty much out of the question.

Then I got this email yesterday:
Standard Charter Singapore Marathon 2011 opens for registration on 23 June

So I am thinking about it. It sure is convenient to take a taxi to the starting line. Surely I can run faster than 4:20 (my time in 2009). Maybe I can even throw in some speed work for this one. I should probably stop having conversations with myself.

I will decide in the next couple of weeks.