Monday, November 16, 2009

Singapore Marathon Taper

Peak training for the Singapore Marathon is done. I ran my final 20 miler of this training cycle on Saturday. It was a slow run but I covered the miles. Now it is time to taper.

I like tapering for the marathon because it means I get to reduce the mileage some. It means that my chances of making it to the starting line of the Singapore Marathon are pretty high.

I hate tapering. One of the hard things about the taper is that it is hard to keep up the intensity. Even though the mileage drops I still need to run at a solid pace. At the end of the taper and nearer the marathon I start to feel edgy. I am ready to get the show on the road. I feel like I am eating too much and not running enough.

So welcome to the taper. I hope it is over soon.


David said...

Interesting read. Singapore doesn't appear to offer the southern hospitality you'd expect from Texas or Oklahoma, but I've heard the crime rate is low. Good luck with your goal in the Singapore marathon.

Anonymous said...
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