Thursday, November 12, 2009

I switched to Switch

I bought a new pair of running shoes last Sunday. I was scared I would have a hard time finding running shoes here in Singapore but the selection and availability is better than in the US. I went to Queensway mall and had to look for a while but I found a pair of Brooks Switch for 59.90 Singapore dollars. That is about $45.00 US. I know that these shoes are inexpensive even in the US but I thought I got a pretty good deal and so far I like running in them. I switched (pun intended)to a pair of motion control shoes because I thought I could benefit from the extra support. And the Switch is not supposed to be the most rigid of motion control shoes anyway.

On another subject Andrea went to Indonesia on Tuesday for the day with her mom and sister. They left yesterday for Thailand and will be back on Sunday. Jakeb is in Cambodia on a bike trip with the school seeing the Cambodian countryside up close. Tori is in Denton at college. Anna and I are having fun hanging out together here in Singapore. We are eating the food we both like the best. I could have never imagined even a few years ago that this is the life I would be living …

"Every new beginning is some other beginning's end"
Closing Time - Semisonic