Monday, November 09, 2009

Driven by the music

I ran hard this morning … until my iPod died. Then my pace on Bukit Timah slowed. The hills on Clementi were a drag.

I thought about it and Saturday was the same thing. I ran a 20 mile long run. I ran from the house to MacRitchie reservoir where Jakeb was supposed to meet me so we could finish off the last twelve together. About a mile from MacRitchie he stepped off of a bus in front of me to run the last thirteen instead of twelve. When I saw him ahead I took off my headphones and my pace slowed.

My running and my pace have been driven by the music lately. That is not necessarily so bad but I don’t want to rely solely on music.

Friday morning Jakeb and I ran together beside a drainage canal near the house and up a street called Ghin Moh. Our pace was pretty fast not because there was music pushing us but because that is the pace that felt right.

My plan is to run the marathon without headphones. I should start running without them now and hopefully it will go well then.

I think my iPod shuffle is about to bite the dust. That may not be such a bad thing.