Monday, October 26, 2009

No water system here.

Usually by now the weather in Texas is cooling off and my long runs though hard do not take as much out of me. Singapore is a different story. It is 75 degrees in the morning and around 90 in the heat of the day even in October.

Yesterday I had 18 miles on the training schedule. Since I am running the Singapore Marathon without Jakeb my motivation for it is not as high as it would have been but I am determined to finish the training and run the race. I am also determined to run it easy and make it the slowest marathon I have ever run. That way I will be able to recover well for whatever marathon Jakeb and I decide to run together.

Saturday night I filled up my Camelback and put some Gu in the zipper pouch. I thought surely 2 liters of water would last me 18 miles but my camelback was empty at about mile 13. I stopped at a brand new apartment complex and asked a security guard at the gate if I could fill up with water. He looked at me sternly and said, “We do not have a water system here.”

Yeah right. I felt like a homeless guy asking for a cigarette. Oh well. A couple of miles down the road I tried again and this time the security guard was more compassionate and let me use the water faucet outside of the building.

I have 5 more long runs left. 19 this weekend, 12 after that, 20 then 12 then 8. Then on December 6th I intend to run my 6th and slowest marathon.

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