Monday, December 07, 2009

Singapore Marathon 2009

Singapore Marathon is hot. I knew it would be. Since Jakeb could not run the full I didn’t train my hardest for this race. My goal – to run the slowest marathon I have ever run.

Jakeb and I caught a taxi at 4am in front of the house. The race started at 5:30am so the runners can get some miles in before the scorching sun comes up.

I ran the full. Jakeb ran the 10k since that is the longest race a 16 year old is allowed to run in Singapore.

Jakeb ran 47 and change.

I ran 4:20:29.

Mission accomplished.


clrickey said...

Way to go! I thought about how hot 26.2 would be, and am glad you finished quite strong! Myself still on hiatus from running only due to life getting in the way. From 12 to 0 in 1 day.

Wes said...

Great job Tommy. Faster than my 26.2 attempt (4:30) despite being much warmer.

Tommy said...

Thanks Cindy and Wes. I am glad I ran this marathon but I will probably only do the half next time. If I run another December marathon on this side of the world it will be in a cooler climate I think.