Monday, January 16, 2006

I took a risk

Today I ran the Houston marathon in 4:13:41 (chip time), 5 seconds faster than last year’s time. A stellar marathon PR. My gun time was 4:15:19.Until about mile 20 I was on pace to run under four hours. I knew I was taking a risk by trying to keep that pace because I really did not train to run any faster than I did last year. I ran more miles in training this year but not faster miles.

At mile 20.5 my quads started cramping and then by mile 22 muscles were cramping I didn’t even know I had. For the last 4.2 I mixed walking with running. The last mile ended up being almost as much walking as running.

I feel a sense of accomplishment completing another marathon. Now I’d like to train for and run one faster than four hours.


Greg Boncimino said...


Great job! I had the same experience yesterday. I was on pace for a 3:35 (way better than my 5 hr time last year). Then, my mile of doom was Mile 23. My hamstring and calf cramped up like crazy. I hadn't come across this in training either. I walked/ran it on in, but ended up finishing in 3:49.

My conclusion now is that I was way too dehydrated. I probably was at about 1/2 of where I should have been.

Check my blog for more updates (as I have energy...)

Great job. I feel your pain!!


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

congrats and way to go...PR's rock.