Monday, January 16, 2006

Houston Marathon Pictures

Here are some pictures from Sunday ...

My wife Andrea, son Jakeb and me before the race in GRB.

Me with friends Jennifer, Mary Margaret and Nathan. The three of them ran the half marathon.

Me and Jakeb at the starting line. Jakeb ran about a mile with me at the 17 mile mark.

Edwin at mile 11 running so fast he is just a blur ....

Me at mile 11 ... I still felt pretty good.


Barbara said...

Way to go Tommy! I didn't realize you had several family members running yesterday. Great job!

atownrunner said...

Dang, I'm fast!
Great job Tommy. I held a fast pace as long as I could too, just couldn't keep it going the last few miles. I'm ready for another one too.

astunz said...

It was a good day. Jakeb and I had tons of fun "running", sometimes literally, to get to the next stop. It was incredible to see dad and son get to run together and for Tommy to accomplish a life goal x2. I have no interest in every running 26.2 miles at one time, maybe the half someday, but I love being the cheerleader! Way to go all you marathoners!

Was Edwin running from the ambulance? :) said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife at the Expo on Friday.

Congratulations on your effort!

It was also great to read your note with the picture about your son running with you - and all the running he did with Mom to keep up with you. It just reminds me of what an opportunity we have to be a positive influence in our kids' lives.

Sometimes, you just don't know when God is going to use a simple comment or a picture somewhere to remind you of the incredible task we have.