Monday, May 07, 2012

Claypot Laksa – the best post long run fuel ever

This week was a cut back week so my long run was only 15 miles. Because the mileage was shorter I pushed it a bit and the run was over before I knew it.

After I got done with my run I showered and headed across the street to Alexandra Food Center for what has now become a post long run habit – claypot laksa. I first ate laksa right after we moved to Singapore. Jakeb ordered it and did not like it so we switched meals and I love it.

Laksa is a soup with a coconut based spicy curry sauce. It has noodles, fried tofu, fish cakes, shrimp, cockels (which remind me of the smoked oysters I ate as a kid even though they are small clams) and sometimes a boiled egg.

The claypot laksa from the Alexandra Food Center is the best I have ever had. I always have to stand in a long line (or que) because it is so popular. It is made in a claypot (obviously) and heated in the claypot over an open flame. The sauce is thick and rich. It is piping hot when you get it and spicy enough that it brings sweat to my forehead and tears to my eyes. I normally eat it with an ice cold Guiness or Beck’s beer.

My body is depleted from running and nutritionally I am not sure claypot laksa is good for me, but I can feel my muscles and weary body soaking in the spicy goodness. I am making myself hungry.

The claypot laksa stall is open at 9am. Laksa is a popular breakfast food. They only stay open until they run out of food. Often they are closed by early afternoon because laksa finished ready.

Next week is 22 miles and then comes the taper.