Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Telok Blangah forest walk in the dark without lights

I ran my 5 mile “Treetop” loop this morning. It is an elevated metal sidewalk grading that goes from Alexandra Road up a hill above the tree canopy to the top Telok Blangah Hill. There are normally lights that back light the path from underneath the grading. It is a cool effect because it lights the ground below but not the air above and it is kind of like flying while you’re running in the trees.

This morning for whatever reason the lights were off. At the beginning of the trail it was no big deal because I was at street level and could see pretty well. But there is a section where the path goes into the trees where there is canopy both above and below the trail. It was dark. In Singapore it is rare to find a truly dark place. There are lights everywhere. But as I ran into the covered area of the trail I could barely see the next couple of steps in front of me but I ran on anyway.

Like life. Sometimes it is dark and you can only see the next couple of steps. But what are you going to do? You can be paralyzed by the dark and stop. Or you can run on and hope no one has removed a piece of the grading in the sidewalk.

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