Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A snake and an accidental 17.5

I ran five miles this morning on the park connector. The Alexandra Park Connector is basically a sidewalk that runs either beside the canal or over the canal when the canal is a big drainage pipe underground. I get on the park connector about a half a mile from the condo and I can run on it all the way to Marina Bay Sands. This morning I turned around at the 2.5 mile mark for five miles total.

As I ran on the section where the canal is underground I approached a mosque on my left. I was minding my own business listening to Band of Skulls and I caught a slight movement on the ground to the left of my feet.

I don’t normally curse (or as we say in Texas cuss). I think that people who resort to cussing in most of their sentences don’t have the vocabulary or creativity to express themselves very well. And besides when a person doesn’t normally cuss it means something when they do.

This is a family friendly blog so I won’t tell you what I said but it started with “holy” and ended with “it”. I am surprised I did not have an accident and get “it” all over me.

To my left was the largest snake I have ever seen outside of a cage. It was right beside the park connector. Not in the deep dark woods. It was where people are every morning. The snake was longer than I am tall and I am 6 feet 2 inches tall (or 188 cm for my non-American friends) and it was as big around as a baseball bat at its fattest point.

What in the world was he/she doing there? I made so much noise when I yelled that a woman in the mosque came to the window to see what was going on. My first reaction was to take off but then I had to stop and back track to make sure I had seen what I had seen. And sure enough a big snake was just lying by the sidewalk.

There are stray cats all over the place near the mosque. Maybe that was why the snake was there. They’d better watch out or they will become breakfast.

When I ran back by on my way home the snake was gone. A snake …. In the middle of Singapore!

I other news I accidentally ran 17.5 miles on Saturday. Actually I ran 16 miles on purpose but when my garmin hit 16 I was still 1.5 miles from home. So what are you gonna do? Run the 1.5 to pad the run log of course. It was a really good run. It rained hard on me as I left the house and rained for the whole run. I ran to MacRitchie and had the trail to myself. I passed two western guys going in the opposite direction from me. Asians apparently do not run in the rain. It was awesome and it made me miss running with Jakeb.