Friday, October 24, 2008

Too tired not to run.

The last couple of nights have been late nights. Driving a little over an hour to and from work is starting to get to me. My brain is fried and my body is tired. I feel like I might be getting sick. All together it makes for a good excuse to blow off running.

The only reason I am posting this is so I can say in a public way that after work today I am going to park the car at Terry Hershey Park and run. It will be good for me and tonight I will sleep well.

Update: I ran four, about half of it on the bike trails at THP. It was fun and I am glad I did it.


clrickey said...

Enjoyed this, because I found myself in that state of mind Weds am. Oh I don't want to run, it's cold, I think my knee might even hurt again ... finally drug up out of bed and went for a run...I was so glad I did.

David said...

Those are some early hours! I signed up for a half marathon in Feb. to get motivated to run consistently, except only 3 days/week, Wed-Sat-Sun. Good luck with your training!