Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sluggish running and news

I have been running but running has not been the focus of my life lately. I think my body has not fully recovered from Rocky Hill. The legs felt sluggish on my five-miler Friday morning and I was just altogether tired. This morning I ran three miles at a decent pace and I felt better.

Last week I accepted a new job. My first project is relatively close to home. My second project is in the office in Katy and has the potential to eventually send our family to Singapore. My running will suffer no doubt but I hope I can keep it up to at least a moderate level.


equarles said...

A new job? What's up with that? said...

Hmmm ... I haven't heard of the Singapore Independence Relay ... yet.

I can guess though that there would be nobody leaving any trash though on the course. I've heard it is very, very clean there.

Anonymous said...

GOD Bless with the new Job T....but what about ME!