Thursday, May 22, 2008

King's X XV

Thursday is normally my day off from running. Most Thursday mornings I go eat breakfast with a friend but this morning was he and his wife’s anniversary so we didn’t eat together. Instead I ran.

I probably should have rested but last night I downloaded the newest record (although it is really just a bunch of digital 1’s and 0’s rather than vinyl) from King’s X – one of my favorite bands. The place I am best able to really listen to music is when I run and I couldn’t wait to get out and hear the new tunes.

I like XV, especially the song Blue. This collection of songs is way more upbeat and less dark and cynical than King’s X has been lately. They are still very honest in their writing. I think I will like it. It is good to run to. Even though my legs are sore, running was worth it this morning just for the music.