Saturday, January 26, 2008

11 miles and a realization

I ran 11 miles yesterday morning. My plan was to run 18 but mid-way through the run I knew my legs were not going to let me go that far. I have too much residual marathon junk in them apparently.

Somewhere around six miles into the run I can to a realization. I have had a really good couple of months by my standards. I ran a 50k at Sunmart (my longest run to date) and a marathon PR in Houston. Pushing it to train for a 50-mile race in just a couple of months would be too much. I am sure I could get ready for 50 miles and I could probably finish the race but I don’t want to train to just finish. I want to run my first 50 miler well. Training for it would have been a stretch always pushing just a little too hard to get a workout in. I already felt like I was behind in my training. So hopefully there is a 50-mile race in my future but it will not be in April – maybe in the fall.

My focus this spring will be to train for and run Hog’s Hunt 25k with Jakeb. In March I am running the Texas Independence Relay with a team made up mostly of runners who blog. I may post more on that subject later.

I will keep up the miles and maintain a base but I look forward to enjoying my runs for the sake of running rather than being a slave the training schedule. Don’t get me wrong my personality is bent toward running what is inked in the calendar for today but it will be good to set that aside for while and just run.