Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brazosport Relay Triathlon

I ran hard this morning. As always I use words like “hard” realizing that it is a relative term. So to restate: I ran at the edge of my limitations this morning.

A friend of mine asked me to run one of the 5k legs of the Brazosport Relay Triathlon on September 8th. I was not asked because of my blazing speed that is for sure. I think all of the really fast runners are either on a team or out-of-town that weekend. I am looking forward to it.

Most of my training has been geared to running further so I have been running more miles at a slower speed. So over the next couple of weeks I am going to work at getting faster. I do not know how much good I will do in a month’s worth of time … we’ll see.

This morning I ran five miles. The first mile was a warm-up, the middle three were fartlek miles, and the last mile was a cool down. It felt good to push it but now I will probably drag through the rest of the day.
I put "Ride" from Ty Tabor's Rock Garden on replay through the second mile of the run. It is a good song to push the pace to.

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