Friday, August 03, 2007

Arkansas Vacation 2007

The family spent the weekend in Arkansas. It is our annual “before school starts” trip to Lake Catherine. It took us a while to get there though because we made a stop in Longview to meet with the couple I am doing a wedding for this weekend. Then we stayed at Andrea’s sister’s house for a night in Little Rock. Sunday we left Little Rock and spent the rest of the time (till Wednesday) at Lake Catherine State Park.

Saturday evening Tori Jakeb and I climbed Pinnacle Mountain. It was cool to climb with the kids.

Then Sunday morning I woke up and ran from Maumelle Park to Pinnacle Mountain State Park, on to the Ouachita Trail until it comes to Pinnacle Mountain. Then I “ran” over Pinnacle Mountain and ran back the way I came.

I ran this run because it is the beginning of the Ouachita Trail 50 that is run in April. I wouldn’t mind running this race but half way up the side of Pinnacle I thought “this is the most stupid thing I can imagine – to climb over this mountain and then run the rest of the race.” But after I finished running I got to the car and thought “That wasn’t too bad.”

If I decide to run OT50 I will have to find some hills to train on.

On Monday and Tuesday I ran the trails in the park. One of the trails comes off of a hill and has these long smooth switchbacks that make for fast fun running. I had a good time running in Arkansas. I enjoyed the relaxation of the rest of the day hanging out with the fam too.

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