Friday, March 03, 2006

Lone Star Trail Run

As usual I have found other things to do besides blog. No excuses just life.

In my last post I said I would start writing about stuff that had nothing to do with running, and I will, but not this time.

This weekend is the 25k trail run and I’m excited about running it. My training for it has been a disaster. I got sick and missed a week and when I started running again I had no energy for it. So I hadn’t run longer than 12 miles since February 4th.

Last week I started panicking. I don’t care if I run this race fast, but I at least want to be able to finish. So Monday morning I ran 12. It wasn’t a pretty 12 miles, but it was 12 and I felt like I could have plodded out four more if I had to.

So I think it will be cool to run in the woods.

My trip to Nepal in May is becoming more of a reality. I’ll talk more about that soon. Also there is weirdness going on in my world ... good weirdness, but weirdness none the less.

Run hard …


atownrunner said...

have fun this weekend. wish i was going to run. work sometimes gets in the way.

run the race said...

That's okay eq ... maybe next time.

Mile20 said...

Thanks for the comment on my post. See my response.

I too am a runner. I also am trying to develop a "conversational" relationship with God. (I am currently reading Willard's book.)