Sunday, March 05, 2006


I ran the Lone Star Trail run today. I was not fully prepared for what I would find there. It was a smaller race (a couple hundred people) it felt like everyone knew everyone; although I only knew the guys I rode with.

Trail runners are a prepared lot. I had a belt with some ibuprofen and a couple of gels. But the experienced trail runners had water bottles with hand grips, impressive fuel belts and camel backs with special pockets that could hold a steak and baked potato for race fuel (okay not the part about steak and baked potato). And the aid stations had M&M’s crackers, cookies, banana’s, peanuts, oranges, water and Gatorade. I felt like I needed to order and then sit for lunch. The race organizers knew what they were doing.

Footing was precarious at times so I had to watch closely where my shoe landed. I almost crashed once. I had to restep many times so I would not twist my ankle.

I ran the out too fast so the back was tough. I finshed in 2:31:52 (9:47 pace) according to my watch. Race organizers are supposed to post official results by Monday evening.

My marathons have been an accomplishment but this was just plain fun. It was incredible, running through the woods.

Now it’s time to tone down the distance some and start running to run – not run to prepare for a race.


atownrunner said...

sounds like it was fun. good runnin'. how did the other guys do? said...

Just saw the 'offical' results on the site and you must have had a slow watch! They have you down for a 2:24 - and they are in round numbers.

That always scares me!

Glad you had fun. That is what it is supposed to be all about! Loved the follow-up on the "W" bumper sticker!

run the race said...

Yeah Jon. The "official" time is off. I crossed the finish line alone and they show that 4 of my closest friends and I crossed the line together.

It was worth it and the lack of knowing my exact time does not bother me too much.

I'm not sure of the distance either. The start line and the turn around were very conveniently placed. You would think a precise turnaround would happen in the woods rather than in a parking lot.

There again that is not so much of an issue with me. I had fun.