Thursday, April 07, 2011

Christchurch Marathon 2011 is on!

The running of the SBS Christchurch Marathon was doubt after the earthquake that hit Christchurch on February 22, 2011. For a while after the earthquake their web site said that entries to the marathon were on hold while an assessment could be made about whether the marathon could go on. A couple of days ago I checked in and here is the announcement from the web site:

It is official. Christchurch’s SBS Marathon is under starters orders for Sunday June 5, and we're hoping it will help Cantabrians get back on their feet.

Most people are aware by now that the sbs marathon was under threat following the February earthquake. The Town Hall start/finish area and much of the course is in ruin.

But we are pleased to inform you that ENTRIES ARE OPEN AGAIN.

We just happened to have planned a vacation to New Zealand when Tori comes to visit us this summer. So Jakeb and I are signed up for the full marathon and Andrea, Tori, and Anna are signed up to walk the 10k.

This year’s course is different. They had to move the race to Lincoln University because the central business district is still torn up. That is okay. I am glad to get to run another marathon in New Zealand – one of my favorite places on earth.