Sunday, April 25, 2010

A muppet with a drunken puppeteer

I haven't written here in while so I doubt anyone is reading but that is fine with me. Coming here is a therapy of sorts so as I sit on the couch if you have bothered to come here listen as I tell you how I "feel".

I ran 18 miles with my son Jakeb this morning. We planned to run it on Saturday morning but at about two miles in Jakeb wasn't feeling it so we cut the run short and only ran 4 miles. Today the 18 miler was good but Jakeb was feeling his Wheaties and he ran me into the ground. I should have made him keep running on Saturday morning. Being run into the ground is what happens when a 43 year old runs with a 17 year old. I am just glad I can complete 18 miles even when the last two included a fair bit of walking.

Training for the Christchurch marathon hasn't gone exactly as planned. I hurt my left foot running in the wrong shoes and had to take a week off. We made a trip to the US and Jakeb had a school field trip to Malaysia. All of this made us deviate from the prescribed plan.

Even though there have been challenges and changes in the schedule we are on track to run a marathon in New Zealand. Next week is 19 miles and in three weeks we run 20 and then comes the taper. For me this time I am saying thank God for the taper.

Training for a marathon with Jakeb is completely worth it. It has not turned out as I expected ... like most of the rest of my life these days.

Thanks for listening. I will be back on the couch next time I am desperate for some therapy.

I want to know Lord why it's got to be so hard
I feel like a muppet with a drunken puppeteer
But I'll survive ...I will survive.

To the Light - Newton Faulkner


Adrienne said...

A marathon in New Zealand?! Sounds super-cool! Blogging can be like therapy...take it from me!

clrickey said...

Still reading - way to go to both you and Jakeb...the taper would kill most, so you both are doing amazing. Can't wait to hear details. My Vibram escapade cost me 6 weeks in a boot with a stress fracture, 3 left...I'm too old to be so stupid!!! Rog (10K actually ran 4 mi - no, no training) & Carly ran (5K) in Fredericksburg the 24th, next yr all of us!!! Good Luck in NZ

Anonymous said...

You know I like hearing about Jakeb running you into the ground....from one OLD Dad to another!

Tommy said...

I am in good company my friend. Getting old is not too bad.

K said...

Still reading...and still in awe! Hope your training continues to go well, even with a few bumps in the plan.

John from the Poi said...

You never know who's reading! I'm in Boston, MA USA and often go to "find next blog" and have fun reading about other runners. Keep running and run long!