Monday, May 04, 2009

The Maze 2009

Jakeb and I packed up and drove to Jason's house in Columbia Lakes yesterday at 1 pm. We got in Jason's car and drove to Austin. We picked up our packets at Rugue Equipment for The Maze. Then after a stop at Runtex we ate at Chuy's(I ate the 911 Hot Plate), got some Starbucks and checked into the hotel. After the Celtics beat the Bulls (okay I dozed before the game was over) we crashed to get some rest for the race this morning.

The Maze is one of mine and Jakeb's favorite races. It is a 10k and 30k at Walnut Creek park put on by Rogue. It has a couple of creek crossings where you do not have any other choice but to have wet feet.

We ran the 10k. Jakeb finished in 51:23. Jason finished in 51:29. And I finished in 56:21. I took off too fast. The hills were a killer. But I had a blast.

We were back home by a little after 1pm. It was a really fun 24 hours.