Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Texas Independence Relay 2009

Jakeb and I had a great time running the Texas Independence Relay. I feel the same as last year where there is so much I could write and yet I could never fit it all in. Here are some highlights though:

I ran with some good people. This race makes you so stinkin exhausted and delirious that you have to have some laid back people to make it through two sleep deprived days without killing each other. It was really good to hang out with old and new friends and to meet even more people I only knew from reading their blogs - like Jessica.

Everyone ran hard. You run not just for yourself but for a team of people who are counting on you to do your part.

Last year Cassie and Manny were on my team but I did not feel as if I knew them very well because the were in the other van. This year our team rotated vans and it was good to be able to hang out with everyone. Cassie you make a great captain.

Jon is an organizational genius. TIR for two teams of bloggers would not happen without him. He puts together personalities that gel and sets up who runs what legs by knowing every runner and the way they run so well. Jon you amaze me and I appreciate what you do.

It was good to talk to Wes on the way up to and back from the relay.

The highlight of the whole weekend was running with my son. Everyone was very complimentary of Jakeb and it made me proud that he is my kid. For Jakeb’s take on the weekend check out his blog.

I hate that we will miss this event next year since we will move to Singapore. I really appreciate Jon slotting me in the last leg and letting me run to the finish. It means more than it would otherwise.


Holden said...

Have a great time in Singapore. Jakeb is a great dude and a great runner. It was an honor running with the father-son duo.

equarles said...

thanks man, i missed you guys. thanks for wearing yellow for us.

K said...

I am so sorry that I missed it this year! I pray that we will get to run together again another time. If not here, definitely in our eternal home!

Tiggs said...

Tommy- it was grea to get to know you better and to meet Jakeb. You've got yourself one great kid there! I hope your next adventures in Singapore are fun and exciting! Keep blogging so we can check in on you :)
Cassie :)

Tommy said...

EQ - we missed you being there too but we all know you were where you were supposed to be.

Holden - we are looking forward to Singapore and hope it is a great adventure. We will tell you all about it when we run the next TIR together after we get back.

Karen - I wish you would have been there too but the thing most comforting about the hope inside of us is knowing this is not the end ... only the beginning.

Cassie - it was really good to hang out with you and Manny - and learn how to really pronounce your last name. I agree that I have a great kid - in spite of me more than because of me. Thanks for letting me and Jakeb crash in the guest bedroom.

David said...

Tommy, it was great seeing you again, and we got to visit more this year than last! It was great meeting Jakeb too, he is a really swell guy. Good luck with your upcoming races in and around Lake Jackson!

Adrienne said...

We're gonna miss you next year! What an awesome opportunity, however for you and your family!

Hope the running's halfway decent in the Far East!

Pat said...

Great pics Tommy; congrats on completing another TIR. That gas station around exchange 26 was a life saver; our van was running on fumes!