Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tracking mileage

Katy wrote on her blog that she doesn’t track her monthly mileage. I keep up with monthly mileage, weekly mileage, yearly mileage and shoe mileage all in a spreadsheet I created myself. It is not than I am a stat geek or anything but my personality is such that I have a feeling of accomplishment by knowing I can add another mile to the week, month, year and shoe.

I am taking off today and tomorrow to rest the legs for Hog’s Hunt and it kills me not to add data to runlog2008.xls. Below is a screenshot:

I have 102.5 miles on the GTS8's and I still like them. (see earlier post)

Jakeb and I may see some of y’all this weekend … later.


K said...

Hi Tommy,
Would you mind emailing me a copy of your log? I am kind of a log geek and still haven't found the "right" one. I'd like to look at yours.

See you on Saturday!

Katy said...

Very organized Tommy. I'm impessed! I'd never keep up with it though.

Good seeing you today! How did you guys end up?

K said...

Great to meet Jakeb and see you, Tommy! I hope you guys had a good run.