Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A horrible seven

I ran seven this morning and it was horrible. The first two and a half were with Jakeb and then I finished on my own. It was incredibly hot and my legs were dead weight. My shoes were sloshing by the time I made it home. I walked some between mile 5 and 6.

Andrea said, “At least you did it.”


atownrunner said...

Do you to write Andrea's name in every entry from now on?

astunz said...

He did joke about putting my name in every post from now on. Sorry to all of you readers... I started that in a previous post.

If he does, he won't be doing it for me. I don't read his blog or anyone elses all that often.

So, Tommy, I release you. You are free to not include my name from now on, unless you're writing something specifically about me and then it would be good to use my name and not someone elses.

atownrunner said...

i hope i didn't cause any problems. I like messing with people sometimes.
word verification is hlqrl - the first three letters are my dad's initials. cool.

astunz said...

You didn't cause any problems. We can take it. A little friendly fun is well... fun!